Whether your flooring is marble or natural stone, let Restore & Preserve of London clean, buff and polish it back to its former glory.


Rotary floor scrubbing, stripping and buffing machines can be used to scrub floors, remove old sealants and restore them to their original appearance. We offer spray cleaning to maintain unpolished or polished floors or crystallisation to bring the floor back to its original lustre.
These are just a few of the processes we can carry out with our machines.


Diamond grinding and polishing is a process of passing diamond abrasives over marble, Granite, Terrazzo as well as a variety of natural stone floor coverings. It will remove scratches and etching to bring a tired, dull floor back to life, restoring and replenishing its fine factory shine.
Restore & Preserve will give your floor the finish you desire.From a honed finish for its very high scratch resistance and safety due to being less slippery when wet, or a Polished finish to give you that shiny, glossier, mirror image look that withstands stains much better. Working with diamond pads enables us to carry out projects on anything from vanity tops to thousands of square meters of flooring.

Surface Protection Application
Correct surface protection is essential on facade and stone floors, to help prevent further staining arising from problematic contaminants. Our team have a wealth of experience in working with a wide range of sealants, impregnators and anti-graffiti coatings.

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