Abrasive blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants.
In conservative restoration jobs, Restore and Preserve meets any selective conservative cleaning requirements of stone facings or stone, marble and masonry structures and architectural elements that are especially delicate or show forms of decay or alteration hard to treat by dry cleaning.

Controlled wet blasting enables Restore & Preserve to remove unwanted deposits and alterations caused by the chemical and physical degradation brought about by organic traffic pollutants, selectively and without damaging the treated surfaces that are thus Restored and Preserved to their past splendor.

Abrasive Blasting is highly effective in urban recovery for the removal of graffiti from building walls. Using magnesium carbonate in particular allows stone, brick and concrete walls soiled by street writers to be cleaned without leaving any marks or damage.

Blasting is especially effective to clean graffiti off glazing, anodised aluminium profiles and bright, non porous marble surfaces.

Blasting method with sodium bicarbonate – totally natural and eco-friendly – will solve any problem linked with industrial maintenance in indoor environments, where strict environmental protection and work place accident prevention regulations must be complied with.

TORIK/DOFF Super Heated water cleaning system.

Restore & Preserve of London offer, a steam-based stone cleaning system. It is unlike any other steam system. is a two-component piece of equipment that is mobile enough to be set up almost anywhere on site and can be used with over 80 meters of high-pressure hose, whilst still maintaining optimum cleaning capabilities. It can achieve temperatures of up to 150c at the nozzle end, providing the option of chemical free cleaning.
The operator is able to vary the temperatures and pressures to remove many different types of paint and biological matter. The 15º to 25º cleaning edge is created with a ceramic nozzle for optimal precision, the system is gentle, safe and effective for use on stonework and brick masonry as well as an array of building substrates.

Stone and Masonry cleaning
Grime removal
Algae and moss removal
Cleaning and sterilisation
Paint stripping
Bitumen removal
Graffiti and chewing gum removal
Oil and grease cleaning


Protect your surface against graffiti and remove it fast!
We can remove graffiti, ink and all traces of ghosting from any type of porous and non- porous surface.
Using the doff super-heated steam cleaner combined with non-hazardous graffiti removers we will leave your surface graffiti free and help to prevent the area turning into a graffiti hot spot.
Restore & Preserve in Essex use sacrificial and permanent coatings to stop paint and ink penetrating the surface whilst still allowing it to breathe.

“Outstanding service from Restore & Preserve, having recently used their expertise and experience, we found them extremely professional with excellent attention to detail and brilliant work ethic. We are so pleased with Restore & Preserve, they now run a number of our sites.”
Simon Hill – Essential Clean Ltd

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